It’s Good Business to Plan Ahead

Help protect your family’s future with the CPA Ontario Insurance Plans – providing members with exclusive rates and comprehensive coverage.

Member Term Life

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  • Provides up to $2 million in coverage continuing to Age 85
  • Your coverage is portable and moves with you wherever your work or business may take you
  • The Future Insurability Option (FIO) protects your insurability regardless of future health issues
  • Attractive members-only rates, plus preferred rates for exceptionally good health, non-smoker rates; and volume savings for coverage of $250,000 and more

Spouse Term Life

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  • Your spouse or partner can benefit from this coverage for the same reasons you do
  • Up to $2 million in coverage is also available for your spouse
  • Your spouse receives the same competitive rates as you do, as well as the opportunities for volume savings and preferred rates
  • Your spouse may continue to keep their current coverage even if you no longer have coverage or are deceased

Personal Accident

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  • Coverage of up to $750,000 each is available for both you and your spouse
  • Benefits help provide financial relief for you and your family in case of accidental death or permanent loss of abilities
  • Rates for you and your spouse stay the same, regardless of age
  • No medical exams or health questions are required when you apply for coverage

Child Life & Accident

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  • Offering you optional child coverage at preferred group rates – with as little as $2.50 monthly covering all your eligible dependent children
  • Provides up to $25,000 Major Impairment accident coverage plus up to $50,000 Life Insurance coverage
  • Acceptance guaranteed for the first $50,000 of Major Impairment benefit combined with a $10,000 Life Insurance benefit

Income Protection

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  • Can provide a monthly benefit (up to $15,000) that replaces lost income in the event of serious accident or illness
  • You can ‘top up’ or 'offset' your current employer coverage with the CPA Ontario Income Protection Plan
  • Automatic Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Survivor Benefit included
  • Future Insurability Option lets you increase your disability coverage in the future without medical underwriting

Office Overhead Expense

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  • Coverage helps independent business owners and partners manage business risk
  • Reimburses you up to $10,000 for rent, salaries, utilities, equipment leases and other customary business expenses you incur, if you become disabled
  • Survivor Benefit included at no additional costs
  • The Own Occupation Option offers you added flexibility and added protection

Critical Illness

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  • Coverage for 18 common conditions
  • Offers up to $250,000 per person with 10% lower rates for purchases of $125,000 coverage or more
  • Pays the full benefit amount purchased directly to the insured, upon first diagnosis of any of the covered conditions
  • Includes an online health resource service at no extra charge

Why do members apply for Critical Illness Insurance?

The CPA Ontario Critical Illness Plan covers 18 common critical medical conditions —including some of the leading causes of death in Canada such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. The good news is that more people are surviving these illnesses – however, for some, the financial impact can still be overwhelming.

The lump sum cash benefit offered through this Plan, can be used to help insured members and their spouses get treatments needed to recover, or help them pay the bills so they can focus on getting well.

Health & Dental

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  • Choose from five different plans
  • Affordable coverage for a wide range of medical expenses
  • Travel coverage included on most plans
  • Includes an online health resource service at no extra charge

Why do members apply for Health & Dental Insurance?

If you’re a member who is self-employed, retired, if you don’t have a group health plan, or even if you just need some added coverage, this insurance can be especially valuable.

CPA Ontario Health & Dental Insurance can help protect you from out-of-pocket health care costs not covered by your government health insurance plan.

Manulife One

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  • Brings your mortgage, savings, and income together into one multi-purpose borrowing and chequing account
  • Special Member Offer: Pay no monthly account administration fee for the first six months
  • Low monthly fee of just $16.95
  • Helps you automatically use your savings and income to reduce your debt

How CPA Ontario Insurance Plans can help meet your needs

This section provides fictional examples, for illustrative purposes only, to show how members
can utilize the CPA Ontario Insurance Plans to help meet their personal insurance needs.

Note: A member’s needs and coverage will vary based on his or her individual circumstances.


31, Single Financial Reporting Analyst

John received $50K of complimentary CPA Ontario Term Life Insurance when he first became a CPA. Planning on buying a condo in the near future, he increased his Term Life benefits to $500,000 to act as a low-cost alternative to bank mortgage insurance.

He also purchased the CPA Ontario Income Protection Plan to ensure his expenses were covered in the event he was ever unable to work due to a disability (caused by a serious illness or accident).


  • Insurance Products: CPA Ontario Member Term Life and Income Protection
  • Life Stage: Planning to purchase a condo and thinking of getting married


48, Married Senior Accounting Manager

Kamala recently moved her family to a larger home and is thinking of changing her employer. Focused on paying down their mortgage, caring for aging parents and saving for their children’s education, she and her husband want to help ensure the family’s future in case anything should happen to either one of them.

She purchased Member and Spouse Term Life coverage (knowing it’s portable, even if she were to change jobs) along with Personal Accident and Child Life & Accident Insurance.

  • Insurance Products: CPA Ontario Member & Spouse Term Life, Personal Accident, Child Life & Accident
  • Life Stage: Focus on mortgage, children’s education and caring for aging parents

Christian, CPA

56, Separated Consultant

Christian purchased CPA Ontario Income Protection and Member Term Life insurance when he was first married and had children. He recently increased his Term Life coverage to $750,000 to ensure his children would be financially taken care of.

As he no longer has access to his spouse's group benefits, the impact of a serious illness could have a significant impact on his livelihood, as such, he also purchased CPA Ontario Critical Illness coverage.


  • Insurance Products: CPA Ontario Member Term Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness
  • Life Stage: Focus on retirement, health and his children’s future