Critical Illness Insurance


The last thing you need to worry about if you’re diagnosed with a serious medical condition is money. The CPA Ontario Critical Illness Plan provides you and your spouse with valuable protection when you may need it most.

This coverage includes the following features at no additional cost:

  • Waiver of Premium During Total Disability
    All premiums will be waived if you suffer a Total Disability help before Age 65. If approved, you will not be required to pay any premiums for Member and Spouse Critical Illness Insurance. This begins after three continuous months of Total Disability, and for as long as the disability continues.
  • Low Rates for Non-Smokers
    Apply for non-smoker rates if you have not used any form of tobacco or tobacco cessation products within the past 12 months.
  • Volume Savings
    Purchase coverage of $125,000 or more to get a 10% rate reduction on the premiums for all your Critical Illness coverage.
  • Health Service Navigator® (HSN)
    HSN is an integrated health information and online resource centre that enables you and your family members to quickly and easily get answers to your medical questions and access to support services. Access isn’t dependent upon making a claim – it’s available immediately.
  • HSN support services are included with your Critical Illness coverage. You can receive information, medical coordination services, resources on how to navigate the Canadian health care system, and world-class medical second opinions. 
  • HSN is available online or by calling a dedicated representative. Insured members can go online to to log in.

See the rates that apply to CPA Ontario Member and Spouse Critical Illness Insurance. 

  • Monthly rates shown below are for $25,000 of Critical Illness coverage

  • You and your spouse can apply for coverage amounts from $50,000, up to $250,000 per person

  • Premiums increase as you move from one age range to the next (see chart below) and are subject to change, rates over Age 64 apply to renewals of existing coverage only

  • Savings for volume purchases begin on coverage of $125,000 or more - see Rate Savings section below

Monthly Premium per $25,000 of Critical Illness Insurance

Non-Smoker *
Age** Male Female
18 to 24 $3.69
25 to 29
30 to 34
35 to 39
40 to 44
45 to 49
50 to 54
55 to 59
60 to 64
65 to 69***

Age** Male Female
18 to 24
25 to 29
30 to 34
35 to 39
40 to 44
45 to 49
50 to 54
55 to 59
60 to 64
65 to 69***

*"Non-smoker" premiums apply to members and spouses who have not used tobacco or tobacco cessation products in the past 12 months.

**"Age" means age attained as of the Policy Anniversary date (June 1).

*** Rates over Age 64 apply to renewals of existing coverage only.

Additional savings are available for those applying for CPA Ontario Member or Spouse Critical Illness coverage:

  • Volume Savings

You will get 10% off your premiums when you purchase $125,000 or more (per person) in coverage under the Critical Illness Plan.

  • Lower Rates for Non-Smokers 

Provided you have not used tobacco or tobacco cessation products in the last 12 months, you can apply for the lower non smoker rates shown in the Plan Rates section above.


To qualify for the Member and/or Spouse Critical Illness coverage, you must be:

  • a member (or spouse/common-law partner of a member) of one the participating bodies:
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of New Brunswick
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Prince Edward Island
  • Charted Professional Accountants of Bermuda;
  • a resident of Canada or Bermuda;
  • under Age 65; and
  • free of all the specific pre-existing medical conditions or procedure listed below:
  • Active hepatitis, AIDS or AIDS-related disease
  • Alcohol abuse in the past five years
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Any heart condition or heart trouble (excluding controlled hypertension)
  • Cancer - all cancers except basal cell skin cancer
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack
  • Huntington's chorea
  • Kidney disease - other than kidney stones or a history of kidney infection
  • Lou Gehrig's disease - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Major organ transplant recipient
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Permanent paralysis (paraplegia, quadriplegia) - other than Bell's Palsy
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Stroke - cerebrovascular accident
  • Transient ischemic attack

Payment of any benefit under the Critical Illness Plan is subject to specific and general limitations and exclusions. Please review your Certificate carefully for all exclusions pertaining to your coverage, as this is not a complete list of all exclusions that may apply.

No benefit will be paid if the Insured Member or Insured Spouse suffers a Covered Condition as a result of: 

  • intentional self-inflicted injuries,

  • the use of intoxicants,

  • committing or attempting to commit a criminal offence, or

  • operating a motor vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood exceeds 80 milligrams.

No benefit will be paid unless the Insured survives 30 days (excluding any time on life support) following the first diagnosis of a Covered Condition (or a longer period, as described in the Covered Conditions and provided to the Insured upon acceptance). 

Note: For a complete list of Covered Conditions and their definitions, please refer to the Plan Basics section above.